Today we live in a confused cultural climate where the church seems to be met with a coldness of heart. However, we believe that it only takes a spark to get a fire going. Frozen landscapes and cold hearts can be thawed by our church as we recruit interns and develop disciples sent to serve our neighbourhood with the glowing warmth of Jesus Christ resulting in neighbourhood impact.


    Through SPARK we have focused on the following strategic areas:


    Right now we have 3 interns serving with us at Parkway Bible Church. They are housed, fed and cared for while being trained as they serve through Parkway's ministries to impact our neighbourhood for Jesus


    Leadership Development
    Right now we are developing a leadership pipeline that will care for, equip & empower our volunteers to serve Jesus in their ministries.


    Right now we have developed a holistic discipling strategy for our church that involves reaching people with the Gospel, building them up in their faith and equipping them to serve their world as disciples of Jesus.


    Ministry Consulting
    Right now Colin is working with our staff as a coach / mentor to journey alongside of them in their ministries moving forward.


    Right now we are seeking God and working with our leaders to develop what we feel is God's unique calling for Parkway Bible Church. Stay tuned for more...


    You can contribute to the SPARK Fund. Every dollar donated until November 30th there will be a matching donation up to $10,000