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    This is Pastor Rick's Blog site where you can follow significant spiritual issues and interact with Pastor Rick

    The blog is updated at least twice a month so check it our regularly.



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    TWO WAYS TO LIVE -  The Choice We All Make

    There are only two ways to live our lives.   1) Our Way  and 2) God's Way

    Do you want to know how to live life God's way?    Do you want to be right with God?





    Below you will find links to other trusted websites where you can find valuable information and insight for your spiritual growth.   We have sought to review these sights to assure they hold to a proper Biblical and orthadox Biblical theology.   (You may however from time to time find something with which Pastor Rick and the Leadership of Parkway Bible Church would not wholly agree).  


    The Servants Place

    The website is designed to provide helpful suggestions for those who looking for Christian resources for the purposes of individual Bible Study, Bible study preparation, sermon preparation, Church School class preparation, or those looking for a recommendation of a Bible School or Bible Seminary for future study.