fellowship care groups

  • "People being won to the Lord, enfolded into the church, cared for and made into effective disciples of Jesus Christ through small groups."


    Our "Fellowship Care Groups" are small groups of people who meet throughout the GTA for the purpose of fellowship and caring for each other.   Not only will you build close friendships,  you'll also be challenged to apply the Bible to your everyday life through very practical life-related Bible studies.


    Each of our FCG's is led by a competent leadership team who are committed to knowing and living according to the principles found in the Bible.   Their responsibility extends beyond just leading the Bible lesson;  they care about each person in their group.


    Normally, we have groups that are meeting on Sunday evenings and Friday evenings. Some groups also accommodate children. 


    You can be part of a dynamic group.  If you would like to be part of a group or have more information please contact our church office at 416-445-2820